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So we're pre-registered for Pennsic in a grauwulf-approved camp (Ravenstreet) and I have sewing to do so that her Megatheriosity has got more than two short tunics and a cloak to her name. Also I get to break out the glorious de Gheyn pattern and swear at it some more (I hate-hate-hate working with Reconstructing History patterns; they are always badly aliased, insufficiently labeled, and full of confusing instructions. Fortunately for this one I've already done a doublet, so I can refer to that for any confusing bits of the cassock, which is what grauwulf wants.)

Meanwhile, the Megatherium continues to fight tooth and nail against potty training, which is going to be a *problem* if we don't sort it out before she's supposed to start pre-school in the fall. Of course if she does actually potty train, I'm going to have to find her some underwear that's not massively too big for her, since the smallest standard size is still too big in the leg holes. I am taking out my frustrations this week by buying books I haven't actually got time to read, all of which will probably arrive when we're out of town for my family reunion. Because of course. Grauwulf is currently asleep on the living room floor because he's done something unfortunate to his back and was convinced he wouldn't be able to sleep, & so couldn't go to bed.

And also Hancock Fabrics is closing. We made a last pilgrimage to pick over the dead whale carcass this afternoon (actually there's still rather a lot there) but I want to wander around waveing my arms and explaining that it's like Borders dying all over again. Also the Jo-Ann in Columbia is always majorly understaffed at the cutting tables.

Apparently I'm cranky. Maybe I should go to bed.
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