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Twitter serves the button-pushing addiction far better than lj ever did, of course, but writing long-form feeds the soul rather better. Besides that I hate (have always hated!) politics as played out by modern governments, and deeply resent it when the world gets so stupid I have to be one of the people yelling about it. (This is me being a spoiled brat, but it's also about as deeply rooted in my psyche as long hair being good. Why haven't the people who *want* to worry about this stuff fixed it yet??) Anyway, my twitter-crowd is buzzing about all the wrong with the world and whom one ought to call about it today, which makes it rather less of a mental support network than previously.

I have sorted out a weekly donation budget, and am occasionally delighted when something I would otherwise have donated to meets its goal & closes before I get there. I've made some phone calls, though not so many as I might have if the Megatherium didn't periodically try to climb on my head when I'm on the phone. There are Christmas presents; I have so far not fallen back into sobbing on the kitchen floor levels of melt-down while dealing with a demanding child who wants to play endless games of present wrapping (and unwrapping, and leaving the unwrapped toys scattered in the walkway) and fielding high levels of not-my depressive meltdowns. Finally made it into the super-secret behavioral health phone-only-access system on our healthcare & talked to a therapist-- I've only seen her twice, so the jury's still out on how helpful this really is (especially when I can't schedule appointments online) but it's nice to make the occasional designated space to complain about things.

The Megatherium and I have been playing Skylanders: Giants, which is obviously better when you have someone to leap up enthusiastically and swap figurines for you, and I really like that it has a "set all the fighting to easy" mode. Still disappointed that I can't chop Flynn-the-creep to bits, tho.

Not writing. Reading a bit. Let my SFWA membership lapse because I'm feeling so not-currently-writerly that I don't even want to go to cons and then while the renewal e-mail was sitting in my inbox there was another round of organization-specific poorly managed drama. I just went up to the loft to plug in my laptop at my supposedly-for-writing desk and discovered that the calendar is still on September. I was going to take writing time while my child was in pre-school, but then she stopped napping (and when she does nap, then she's awake half the night, so it's not much of an improvement.) Signing her up for 5 mornings a week next year, but that's not until next fall. In the mean time, I'm trying to remember to do more things that are me-like and wouldn't be entirely alien to my 12-year-old self. While still working to keep idiots from destroying the world.

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