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It is (I believe) a little-known fact that it's much more difficult to have a screaming melt-down at 4 am when you devote your brain to composing doggerel to old children's tunes. (London Bridge in this case.)

All the world is burning down
or going to drown
run by a clown
and earthquakes knock our buildings down
my poor planet

The ocean's full of plastic now
can't get it out
don't know how*
and all the ice is melting down
my poor planet

*There are some up and coming ideas on how to address the surface bits, but last I heard nobody even knows where 90% of ocean plastics end up.

Feel free to add your own verses about all the horrible things people are doing to each other (my poor species?) or whatever else you're currently freaked out about. I'll be out trimming broken branches off my elm tree in hopes of balancing out some of the massive root pruning the county just did while attempting to fix a phantom sewer blockage for the stupid neighbor. (The other stupid neighbor, not the one who runs the sketchy daycare where a couple of the parents reportedly got into a fist fight in the front yard yesterday.)
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