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When I'm asked about religion, I usually start by explaining that I was raised by a vocal atheist & an occasionally observant christian, and I've never been quite comfortable with Believing in things. I spent a bunch of time in my early 20s singing in the UU choir directed by my housemate's father, and while I loved the choir part, the services never quite stopped making me vaguely uncomfortable. They all began with a statement of "You are welcome here despite [a list of what sounded like all the things that might be *wrong* with you.]"

Nearing-40 me has a little more patience with the things that other people need to hear iterated, even if I retain my vast oceans of self-confidence about my own personhood & that of others. I hope to retain that, despite efforts of horrifying people to regress a lifetime's worth of social progress. (My mother's lifetime, if not my grandmother's.) I also hope that we don't sit here arguing bitterly about who gets to be Real until the ice caps melt & the oceans come for us all. There's at least someone who thinks there's still hope: There will never be a better time to save the planet.

It's a nice vision, anyway. And he's right about it not being a battle where we can just give up. I hope there's provision for wildlife in those walkable densely packed city transit corridors he's proposing, tho.

Anyway, I am still mired in my toddler-bound, depression-laced world, with a spouse who's spent the last month intermittently sick & a child who's given up on peeing in the toilet again, but I have been meaning to do a little more boots-on-the-ground naturalist & climate outreach for years, so we'll see if I can manage to share a little of that.

Hang in there, people. It's a scary world right now (or maybe it always was one) & I already know one person who chose not to continue living in it. Eat, hydrate, sleep, do the stuff that needs doing, and do your best to be furious about the right things.
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