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Due to a momentary digression on Charon, thanks to [ profile] zagzagael, I contemplate revamping the rather short story of Duban's quest for wisdom, possibly after tracking down a few more sources... etc, ...and why am I babbling on about things most of which you know nothing about? This is probably a good question... )

I finally picked up a copy of the latest LMBujold on sunday (as well as a travel guide to england) and read it straight through starting shortly after dinner and not putting it down until about 3:30 monday morning. And again, partly I'm on a very slim reading diet at the moment (two books, maybe four, since winter, I think), but instead of contemplating the implications of her increasingly complicated and fascinating world, I went back to the sense of not just lethargy and semi-depression for the weekend, but the "Why, if I'm not satisfied with [whatever current job I happen to have]-- and my attention span on jobs seems to be about on par with my attention span for hobbies-- am I not out there creating worlds or works like this? I've only been claiming I want to for the past twenty years."

And really, there's nothing like going about your life and having a character or moment turn up in your head, ready for expanding upon.
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I find myself in need of aphorisms, such as might be used to belittle someone telling a story in an "oh, yes, of course that wildly ridiculous thing is totally normal" kind of sense. [[Edit-- ie, the character may not believe it, but is genuinely pretending to do so.]] Such as "Truth is stranger than fiction," but so far that's the only one I've got.



Apr. 11th, 2008 02:25 pm
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Finished chapter 27, despite the best efforts of the napogens. This is slightly less than 1k new, including last night, but it does mean that I have only one and a half chapters and some heavy continuity editing to go before I've got one manuscript fit to face some other part of the world... And Argent has been recalled to life and made it home again.
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The problem with thursday is that it's too close to the end of the week, and yet not quite into the "well, it's friday; I'm almost done." And I'm finding it harder and harder to motivate myself to do other things (like fencing...) once I've actually gotten home. Leaving the house should not feel like an imposition, but after climbing night, where at the earliest I get home around 9:45, I don't want to move. Oh, and this week my wrists hurt. My apologies to [ profile] akgnome for not making her last practice from sheer apathy. I'm a horrible person. Anyway...

My car just topped 80k (miles). My story is still at 77k (words). Although I have gotten to chapter 25, and am wondering how to set everything up. There's so much to do... Argent and Sherry haven't met yet (I think last time they had by this point) and Aladdin has just discovered some interesting side-effects of his peculiar fae genetics (which he doesn't yet know anything about.) And of course, there's still the precise details of why all this happened in the first place to work out. I did come up with a miscellaneous inspiration on why Argent got involved (and perhaps hence why Aladdin's a mouse...) but this means that I will have to use the thing I was having trouble with for Dunyazade's story in chapter 5. And most likely Siduri will be able to explain some of this at the end, being more approchable than the queen. Maybe. It is still very unclear. Although I think there are only about two chapters left, so another 6 or 7 k may wrap up the end, and then I just have Dunya's chapter and a few weird bits that need to be revised.

And it's raining. yay rain! Tomorrow it will be nice out.
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Chapter 23, clocking in at 2.5k. or something like that. If only I'd achieved anything more today. Or the wireless actually worked. Sigh.

At any rate, whenever I next have the oportunity to write things (um... maybe friday? or sunday evening?) I get to re-invent the mouse-pythia of Delphi. I have no idea what it was I did with her last time. Although the scene did include mention of who & where Aladdin's parents were. Which, of course, is all tied in to how this mess got started in the first place.
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chapter 22 has (finally!) been put to rest; it's a bit creepier than originally intended, and has totally changed the take on one of the minor recurring characters, not to mention possibly implying that faerie was around & spying on people before ancient Assyria. Chapter 23 doesn't have enough stuff to fill it up, unless I go on and on about the cat. Or the dark passageways, of which there have been far too many already. Bah.

And rapiernet exploded in my inbox today (although mostly with short "witty" messages rather than essays on tactics or whatnot, which is helpful while going through 20-some of them at once. Don't these people have work to do all day?)

But we appear to have achieved rain. This is good. Maybe it will even be less appallingly humid tomorrow. (ok, wishful thinking)
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So you know the style of bathroom where you have counterspace around the sink, and then another long expanse of counterspace (over more cabinets or whatever) next to that? What is one actually supposed to do with this counterspace? Because, I mean, either it gets filled up with vast quantities of dusty bathroom stuff (exciting soaps and lotions and razors and old magazines, etc) and looks kind of bad, or it stays cleared off and gets dusty and looks kind of useless. Is there a better use of counterspace?

oh, and my novel just went over 70k. (the wc would be slightly higher than that, but I keep taking out my notes to myself as I use them.) Of course, that's only about 5k for this month, but I've pretty much decided my deadline is actually finishing by the end of september, so I have a month off before the real NaNo to think about what I'm going to do for that.
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“Speaking as a mouse of the future, I’d say it’s on its way to being a lot less structured. Someday there’ll be suspension bridges with six-lane highways into Hell and they won’t need a ferry at all.” --Argent
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And those of us who haven't run away from home for the week actually have to work and stuff. Meanwhile I attempt to work on my novel again. (I strongly suspect I will not write anything like 50k this month, but it would be terribly cool if I actually finished my poor unloved novel. We shall see.)

So far, I have poked at Dunya's story, which I skipped early on, and have somewhat of an idea of where I'm going with it, and characterizations for her audience. (of course, that's maybe 150 words so far.) And then I got bored with that and meandered on, and am cleaning up the chapter I left out half of because it was about the Mayan underworld I didn't have the reference for last time. So there's another 400 words of transition from India to Meso-America, and then on to the Mictecans which won't take too long once I get there, since it's very formalized.

I'm sure you all care, terribly.

Also, while we may have missed a doll meet at the botanic garden, Waif (like most children) appears to be able to amuse himself wherever he goes. pictures... )
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so that novel? yeah, I've finally dragged out the mesoamerican mythology book I re-borrowed from [ profile] fishy1. And been reminded how annoying it is. I worked directly from the book last time, so there aren't any notes to guide me on what I was using, and let's see... The index sporadically lists things that are spoken about in the scholarly analysis portions of the book, but if you want to look up anything in the actual texts, it's flip through the entire book, and hope you actually know what you're looking for, and will find it on the way past. In any case, I'm pretty sure I was working from two different texts last time (a Mayan and an Aztec version of the same story) and now I can only find one of them.

Although I did find the really creepy picture of the flayed god ceramic sculpture, that looks like something eating a plastic baby doll from the inside out... perhaps I will have to make one, with a real baby doll. Although on the whole it's slightly less creepy than the ritual "autosacrifice" stuff which includes people bleeding their penises in a ritual gender-blurring simulation of childbirth. Except that of course terribly important women will do their own gender-blurring ritual bleeding that simulates the men simulating childbirth... and then you just have to go and hide under something because it's way too weird and confusing, and you were really reading this book to find out about the afterlife anyway.
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Not entirely sure how I managed it, but I have written 5,875 words today (plus the livejournal entries, and several e-mails and chat conversations) I'm impressed. I'm also ahead of [ profile] saladmonkeylamb. Go me. (of course, I also want to finish on tuesday, so I can go out and do things on wed. and thurs, and I'm going to drop working on this again for a while when I'm done with this month's 50k, but still...)

And I remembered Judar's phrase-book at the last minute.

“Just a minute!” said Judar, digging out his phrasebook. He flipped through it frantically. There had been something useful that he’s seen earlier, he was sure of it. There was an entire page on speaking to trolls, he found, nearly flipping past it in his hurry. “My brother is bigger and jucier than me,” didn’t seem quite appropriate, and neither did, “We will ring all the church bells in town.” He considered, “I am a poor soul lost in the woods. Please don’t eat me,” but didn’t think it conveyed quite the right message, somehow. At the bottom of the page it said, “I can squeeze blood out of a stone.” Judar held up the book, pointing to that.
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So I evilly skipped chapter 18 as well as the end of 17 (since it'll involve a lot of going back & reading bits out of the inferno to collate with) and have just polished off a rather quick and dirty rendition of chapter 19, which is going to need additions and cleaning up to both ends. But there's enough to work with...

Which means I'm on to Sherry in China. And I can't believe I didn't quote either of the following passages (which I did copy into my notebook) last year...

quoted things! )

And I climbed the maple tree in the front yard, up to within about 15 feet of the top. And took lots of pictures (which are all still on my camera, so I won't be sharing until the typing is done, at least) and when my camera tried to die on the way up I hit it, and it started working again. Because, um, violence is the answer to everything. Obviously.
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For some reason I had it in my head that I had looked and found photocopies from the mesoamerican mythology book I borrowed from [ profile] fishy1 last year, but it seems I was delusional. (I don't actually know why I thought this, either, since I know I wrote that chapter working right out of the book...) And while it is possible she and [ profile] scraun23 are back in town at this point, I'm not really prepared to go out and fetch the book from them until tomorrow, anyway. And I have no idea how it was that Sherry got from India to Azteca anyway, except that it involved dark and dusty tunnel #1 (as opposed to all the dark and not dusty places she's so far been wandering about in...) in which she stumbles over the fragment of jade bone that later on becomes her nahual.

Anyway. The azteca bit is actually quite short, and I can't do it right now, so I get to temporarily skip the end of that chapter and go on to Argent/the Inferno. I wonder if my copy of that is still in the house? Oh, look, here it is. How excellent.

Meanwhile, because I'm actually sitting at my desk (having cleared the sewing machines off it, and stacked up the piles of mending/unfinished projects/other junk so that I have a clear space wider than my computer down the middle) I have rediscovered the small pile of Worthy and Interesting books that has been sitting on the corner for the past year, and the copy of the Decameron is taunting me because I'm not allowed to read it until my Nov. wordcount hits 50k. Sigh.

And lj seems to have suddenly convinced itself that I live a timezone away in the middle of the ocean or something. Weird...
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What (if any) sort of sports game could one hear broadcast on the radio (in rural Wisconsin) on a monday night in late February? I said hockey, but have absolutely no idea if this is reasonable... Oh, and does march madness start at the very beginning of march?

And (ok, this one is rhetorical) why is it that it's only the people I actually want to talk to who say things like "ok, I'll let you go now" or "I shouldn't be taking up your entire evening" over the phone?
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From my notes on "The Vision of Tundal" (c. 1149, Ireland, the most popular & detailed vision-tour of the afterlife, pre-Divine Comedy):

Tundal (likeable scoundrel of handsome Irish knight) gets mad at a friend over dinner & has (a stroke) from which he lies unconscious 2 days. Spirit leaves body & is surrounded by crowd of demons mangling him, themselves, & his favorite songs, until rescued by guardian angel who shows him around: (followed by a catalog of the hellish scenes he witnesses)

Ah the joys of copying journey-narratives. "and then he saw this. and then he went over here and saw this. and then there was this other thing..." Which is completely true to the style I'm trying to represent, right down to the copying each event/locale from my source, mixing and matching with others as seems appropriate. And if my descriptions are better than theirs, I win, right?

Oh, and for those of you who are getting the nano e-mails... I'm not sure if I find it comforting or not that Chris Batey didn't make his 35k by the end of week 3, either.
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Argent is finally on his way to Hell. (which he has to go through a bunch of to get to Faerie, where everyone meets up in the end.) And, knowing where I'm going with the looser plot threads, my prophetic bits are getting tighter and more to the point, which is always a bonus. I will try not to remember that most people who had poured this much time into writing something would actually be done by now.

And in one of my moments of distraction, I looked up the tea I've been wanting (Cellestial Seasonings "Candycane Lane") and discovered that while it may not be in the grocery stores, it is supposed to exist at CVS. How bizarre. I shall have to go see if I can find it-- possibly not until next week, however.

I also discovered the fascinating Vanilla Hazelnut Dessert Tea which sounds quite good, but is not available in this area. And I'd totally get one box on spec, but I'm not sure I want to order a 2-pack or more. Have any of you non-local people seen or tried this? I would be totally delighted if someone happened to have a box and could be persuaded to mail me a teabag or two in a ziplock baggie or something... I'll mail you something interesting in trade!

And now it is time to go set the clock on the microwave, the outlet for which my father has just re-wired so that it will not trip the breaker every time one tries to run the microwave when there are lights on in the basement. And see how the dead birdie is coming. mmm...
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Chapter 13 has metamorphosed from 2.4k to 3.5, and I had to go back and change the title because I didn't get to the gaming hell after all. Which I can't remember if I did last time too, or not... it's not in my notes if I did, but it's not a bad stopping place; the original chapter break was either here or on the steamer to India.

In any case, at least another 500 words, preferably another thousand, should still happen tonight, and I am on to Duban, who is entirely self-contained, except for the final (chronologically-- Argent still meets him in the Inferno in a later chapter) appearance of Charon. Only... I can't quite remember where it is that Duban gets his wisdom from. Because it's his little brothers who go to see the Norns and the mouse-Pythia at Delphi.

Right. More tea, & stuff. (if good coffee=code and bad coffee=poetry (more or less), then warm tea=productivity, and cold tea=daydreaming. Although sometimes it's cranberry juice instead of tea, and then the temperature goes the other way around.)
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22 more words to a whole 3k for today. and I'm hoping for at least another 500 before I check out for the night. yipee!

more pointless novel ramblings! and pills to cure the death! (well, not really; we get to that bit later) )

In other news, I spent the afternoon at Holiday Faire, didn't fence (er, much... there was a brief interlude of slow-work which I was kindly allowed to join in even without armor, and now I need to play with single dagger at some point where I don't have to worry about not moving quickly...), looked at all the shoppings, restrained myself from getting more yarn or more fabric, and did find a set of size 0 wooden DPNs. Yay! My previous search for period (or indeed, any) sock-sized knitting needles had bottomed out at size 2, which are probably more or less ok, but I want to be able to do fine-guage socks. Ooh, aah. Now I either need to work out a toe-up sock pattern, or get over my qualms and break into the sock yarn that used to belong to Barrett's great aunt, and is still (in huge quantities) in the original woolworth's bag, with receipt...

Right then, enough babbling, back to the novel.
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huh? )

Anyway, despite lack of writing zen, I have more-or-less finished Rahmah's romance novel, although with several notes on the list of "must go back and fix this" and going all Jane Austen about the ending. But I mean, it is a romance novel (well, contained within one chapter...) and actually Jane Austen isn't such a bad role model stylistically. Perhaps I'll have to think about that when I go to clean it up. But now there is Argent in Valhalla, and stuff about the norns and the world tree. So, more writing must occur. We'll see how far I get tonight, and if I manage to do anything decent before running off to Holiday Faire tomorrow. And I wish more SCA event fliers would include things like an actual schedule... I mean, I can assume the tournament starts somewhere between eleven and noon-ish. And they'll be doing auths around 10, so one can start signing in by then. But I'd really rather like to know these things. I ask so much, apparently.

And yet, for some reason it makes me very happy that I'm sitting at home writing things (well, with a brief interlude to talk, sort of, to my little brother when he called re: thanksgiving travel plans-- unless of course he gets horribly lost and/or dies on the way here, I shall be dragging him to rock climbing on Wed evening. Since he's the mountain goat in the family, and yet has never done these things before) and not out doing anything exciting like line dancing at Glen Echo, or whatever other exciting things might be going on that I don't even know about. I must be a very boring person after all. :)

---oh, and due to Someone's insidious influence, there's a poem trying to form in the back of my brain. Which is demanding a great deal of time and attention, not to mention blank notebook paper and a pencil. I have not given it any of these things, but there are still a few lines scrawled on the back of one of my extra scraps of outline paper wanting to be though about some more. sigh.---

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