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If you read this entry, please comment!

A simple "yup, me" or your favorite alternative is fine. I'm trying to sort out a list of who I actually know who reads this journal so I can set up some better friends filtering in case I decide to care who reads about various details of my life; you know the drill. But as I've occasionally had people who never post or comment ask me about things I've written about, I also don't want to exclude people who really are reading all this.

If "yup, me" is too boring for you, or you have something else to say, then I'm also curious to hear any thoughts on "oh, that post you made the other day was fabulous, you should do more" or "why don't you ever write about that anymore?" or "I really wish you'd put all that nonsense about such-and-such under a cut, because I'm tired of reading/seeing it."

And if, for some reason, you're just passing through and don't intend to be back again, I'm quite interested to hear where you came from and why.


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