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So, I'm doing this getting married thing, and battling with my dress (lining changes fit, phoey... will probably have to re-set the sleeves entirely) and playing with hair gunk, of which I need about 10x as much as a normal person to notice any effect at all, on the theory that one Ought to Look Good.

Which presents another quandary... make-up. I honestly have no earthly idea how to do grown-up makeup. I've got a large box of things like blue lipstick and funny colors of eyeshadow, which I have mostly not been bothered enough to use in years and should sort through and throw away most of, since I expect it's mainly gone unusable by now. What I haven't got is any kind of foundation that actually matches my skintone, or useful concealer options in case of sleeplessness or blemishes or whatnot. And much as I want to say this is silly, I'd also rather not end up at the last minute with a whole bunch of wedding pictures where I've got noticeable dark circles under my eyes.

So... any suggestions? (preferred products/brands, where to shop, etc?)
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Yet another wedding brainstorming question: We're planning an extremely short ceremony-- procession, vows, look, we're married!, and then actual signing of paperwork. And because signing paperwork isn't that exciting, I wanted to have [ profile] heuchera do a short reading during that part, which is one of those "what a nice idea" things that um... also requires something to read.

I find that most of my love-related passages are not particularly wedding-appropriate (the same goes for music, actually) and so I'm opening the field for suggestions. Does anyone know of any perhaps 1-3 minute passages from literature or other, appropriate for reading at a wedding? Prose and poetry are both fair game.
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Keeping in mind that this is a slightly-after-noon until 3 or 3:30 reception, so if anything, we're spoiling your dinner, not trying to feed you one. The "kitchen" facility on site consists of a galley-style counter & sink, so I'm not too keen on hot food options. I do not feel that they are necessary, anyhow.

list of wedding foods I'd like. If you have suggestions/requests, feel free to say so )

We should get little cocktail swords for stabbing things!
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What is a phrase suitable for wedding invitations signifying dress code: garden or tea party/easter sunday/look nice, but not vastly formal?

I find that all the words in my head are things like "black tie" and "business casual" which do not presently apply.
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So there was a conversation last week wherein [ profile] grauwulf said that he thought the idea the Celts had some time back of contractual marriage for a fixed term (nine years, or pick your favorite symbolic length of time) and at the end of that term they could opt to renew, or to disovle the marriage without penalty and go elsewhere. Which made me start thinking about contracts, and then about unstated assumptions in modern relationships. And there are so many. If I were to draw up a contract for dating, it might run something like this:

I, the undersigned... )

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