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So I tried to ask this last week and got nothing particularly helpful, which I suspect means that I was asking my question wrong. Here is attempt #2:

Posit: You are going on an exciting expensive vacation through the Lands of Faerie. You've got a fine cabin in a vehicle that is rather like the cross between a cruise ship and one of those giant observation things they drive out to go look at polar bears. What places would you expect to see, or be disappointed if you didn't? All forms of fiction are fair game (anything from traditional folklore to your favorite MMORPG)

Starter list, cadged from Wikipedia and stuff:

Tir na nOg
the Seelie/Unseelie courts (ok, they aren't fixed places)

Knockma (fr Martha Wells, The Element of Fire)
Rivendel/Gray Havens/other places with elves (Tolkien)
er, Narnia?
Neverland (Peter Pan)

Sleeping Beauty's castle/Faerie Market (of some sort, lots to choose from)/someone's dwarven mines (any names come to mind? Besides Moria, that is)/etc?

...Stuff like that. Particularly looking for place names, but also what they'd show off ("Over there on your right you'll see the lions, and coming up ahead on the left will be the state line between Utah and Colorado..." that sort of thing)

One more!

Aug. 15th, 2008 02:52 pm
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Place names in faerie?

My Wood doesn't have named places in it. But I'm sure other people's faerie lands have castles and markets and towns/cities and things with actual names. I just can't think of what any of them are... Feel free to borrow from any source, although citation is also appreciated. (So's I can go and look it up, that is.)
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1) (direct) mid-size (10-12 ish?) red haired girl, lives on a giant sci-fi tourbus that goes through faerie. Likes machines. What's her name?

2) (tangential) What happens to your personal mythologies (the monster under the bed, your imaginary friend, the fantasy land you were going to end up in when you stepped through the mirror or whatnot...) when you grow up? [[do they change & stick with you, disappear when forgotten, carry on without you in some other direction?]]

All answers welcome. (personal/hypothetical/references to works of fiction/etc)

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