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Well, began the new year with my first stomach flu in 30 years, so that was less than ideal, and current events is full of far more people than usual that I'd happily wish stomach flu upon.

After scouring Craigslist for used cubby shelves and coming up entirely blank (and hating every minute of trying to e-mail people and mostly not hearing back anyway) I got 4 of the 4x4 Kallax cubes from Ikea while they were on sale for $20. (So, supporting new construction, & offgassing toxic MDF chemicals in our house, but low hassle & no chance of getting smoke-infused ones...) Anyway, several problematic organizational problems have now been solved-- the amount of crap that lives on my child's bedroom floor is greatly reduced-- and I have discovered the extent of another problem.

This is my TBR shelf:

It hasn't really changed much in the last several years, because this is the bookshelf I assembled last night and populated with most of the stacks of unread books hanging about in my room:

Not pictured are a couple library books and the stack of things I was more than a couple chapters into that remains on the floor by my bed. And a forgotten shelf & a half of hand-me-down paperbacks on one of the gaps among the read & approved to stay paperbacks....

It is possible that I have a bit of a problem here. (The name of this problem is "if it doesn't come with a library deadline, I may never get to it.") It is time to declare a Year of Using Everything Up on the bookshelf: read it or get rid of it. I have 97 non-picture-books in my reading log from last year, so I could theoretically clear the new shelf handily and still get to enjoy some new releases. (Also about a third of the new-shelf books are freebies from WFC in 2014, so I'm sure I'll bounce off some of them & be able to re-release them into the wild.) So far, however, I've been staring in glassy-eyed choice-paralysis and then being dragged away by my child.

(The Year of Using Everything Up may also get extended to the craft room; so far I've been cleaning in short segments until I find that I've wound down to just staring at things-- half an hour at most-- and blocking off the door with the sewing machine table I just moved out of the Megatherium's room so that she doesn't come in and restore chaos while I'm elsewhere.)

My brain remains mostly spun down, but I have signed the Megatherium up for 5 mornings/week of preschool for next year. Today is not eternal.

ETA-- also, the toilet situation has progressed; praising her for noticing she needs to go and running to the toilet seems to be what was needed. Now it's just getting her to finish up and get out of the bathroom again that's a challenge, as she's teaching her invisible class from the potty and finding letters from Santa on the toilet paper.
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