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(which *cough* stunningly inane bit of doggerel has been floating about in my head for a day or two, but I have managed to resist singing it where my child might overhear and demand that I sing it over and over and over again. As she would. I likewise managed to avoid incessant demands for figgy pudding.)

So, 38. We've got another round of minor sick going around, so I've been more than usually spacey and staring at walls today. Tried to go see Moana, but I had underestimated the mad theater crowds on a post-Christmas Christmas holiday Monday, so I guess I'll go see it with my mother on Friday instead. Which is ok too. Instead I came home and did some more pruning of my winter garden so that all the paths in the backyard are passable and maybe the squirrels won't be able to get to the screen on the dining room window so they can climb up it towards the bird feeders, leaving little scuffs and holes with their claws.

Then we went out for Thai food followed by ice skating. Her Megatheriosity had a grand time sliding about on double-bladed training skates clinging to a stack of buckets, a parent or two, or occasionally the wall. She flips between trying to walk and not trying to balance at all with other people dragging her, but so far so good. Neither grauwulf nor I had been skating in almost 20 years, but we managed to keep our feet and have a good time also. If we do this many more times, tho, I need to look for a pair of used figure skates that aren't built like ski boots & rub holes in my ankle.

Goals for the new year of me... I am backing off of writing for a while because my writer brain is kind of buried underneath a giant pile of introvert/life-stress. (my child went to preschool and then stopped napping. Followed by stopping using the toilet. So my time to be a solitary grownup has noticeably decreased.) But I want to do more projects-- both craft things & naturalist things. Maybe add the naturalist section to my website that was part of the plan when I launched it before the Megatherium was born. Continue donating to causes that make the world a better place. Probably continue pestering politicians (tho my congresspeople are about as with me already as it gets so far) in the hopes that it'll help, or at least get easier to do. Continue trying to balance self-care and productivity and parenting without falling off any of them. Teach the cat to use his new puzzle feeders. Reteach my child to use the toilet always. Eventually relocate my writing brain. Do fun things, do important things, do good things, drink tea, get sleep. We're also considering acquiring some property somewhere a little higher up and farther inland in case the ocean comes for Baltimore sooner than presently anticipated. Live.

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