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So. Grauwulf is leaving his job (the one I've been not-really-joking that he's in an abusive relationship with for a year or two) on Friday and going on to something else that's more directly computer security rather than programming and on a normal schedule at the beginning of next month. With luck the intervening month will involve more cleaning/catching up on household tasks than stepping on each others toes/brains, but since telling his boss that he's quitting he hasn't stress-puked once, so that's definitely a step up.

Meanwhile, our child has taken to turning up in the middle of the night & reminding us that she's scared of the dark. (I'm less and less convinced that this remains true as time goes on...) I wouldn't even have a problem with her co-sleeping now that she's big enough not to get smushed if only she didn't keep tossing and turning and kicking us all night, not to mention requiring acknowledgement when she turns up and whining at us. I have unceremoniously carried her back to her own bed a couple times for wiggling too much, but that means I have to get to the point of sufficiently awake to get up and do that. And meanwhile she's still spending too much time being clingy, pestery, and underfoot during the day. Nobody can annoy you like your own child, I guess; fortunately once you plop her down into a group of other kids she'll still play till she drops, so I expect things will calm down soon.

Catching up on my paleoanthropology via Genevieve von Petzinger's The First Signs: Unlocking the Mysteries of the World's Oldest Symbols which is quite good so far, and very backgroundy for those of us who have missed a whole bunch of the recent discoveries not to mention the whole thing about mammoth bone buildings in the near-glacial days of the Czech Republic. (longhouses made of mammoth bones! Bone fires b/c there weren't any trees! 30+k-year-old kilns & fired ceramics that preserve fingerprints & imprints of cloth...) The library doesn't have nearly enough of the interesting books from her references; I need to go see if they've made ILL accessible to mere mortals again (the catalog system keeps changing) or if I have to make a list to take to the info desk. Or invest textbook quantites of money in this project.

The world I have mentally labeled as "doggerland/Homo erectus elves" may take actual shape some day.

Meanwhile, Provenance is staring at me from the top of the pile by my bed because I know if I start reading it I will forget about things like getting enough sleep and regret it deeply. Especially at 3am when my kid wakes me up to remind me that she's still scared.
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